Wildon Home ® Ensemble De Draps Regal 300 Fils et Commentaires 15226366

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The Wildon Home Regal 300 Thread Count Sheet Set is the perfect combination of style and utility. The animal print that features across the face of this bed sheet helps accentuate the overall look of your bed room.

The Regal 300 Thread Count Sheet Set by Wildon Home is fashioned out of cotton. The softness and smoothness of cotton make this bed sheet comfortable and inviting. It lasts for a long time thanks to the denseness of the fabric used. This bed sheet drapes over thick mattresses easily and stays tucked inside the mattress. It has deep pockets and made to be fully elastic. This bed sheet is non-pilling and pre-shrunk and maintains texture and shape even after a wash. A fitted bed sheet, a flat bed sheet, and a pillowcase are included in this bed sheet set. The set is available in various colours and sizes letting you choose the one that can best fit your bed and enhance your home decor.

An occasional wash in the washing machine restores the Regal 300 Thread Count Sheet Set completely. This bed sheet can be tumble dried. You can iron this bed sheet if required. This bed sheet is non-toxic and can be used at homes with children or pets.


  • Fait de 300 fils de satin 100% coton

Détails du produit

  • Matériau: Satin de coton
  • Pièces incluses (Reine Taille, Roi Taille, Roi de la Californie Taille, Plein Taille): 1 Drap-housse, 1 drap plat, 2 taies d'oreiller
  • Pièces incluses (Double Taille): 1 drap housse, 1 drap plat, 1 taie d'oreiller
  • Densité du tissage: 300
  • Usage du fer à repasser sans risque: Oui
  • Méthode de lavage: Lavable en machine
  • Épaisseur maximale du matelas: 17 po

Wildon Home ® Ensemble De Draps Regal 300 Fils et Commentaires 15226366

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