Bamboo Living 2000 Ensemble de draps en rayonne 4 pièces et Commentaires 71531377

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Rayon from bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, breathable and wicks moisture away. It is softer and more absorbent than cotton and a preferred fabric for products touching the skin. Prevents bed bugs, dust mites, allergens and bacteria from breeding in your pillow, which is a significant cause of asthma, allergies, rhinitis and other respiratory problems. Super soft, silky plush feel, comfortable Rayon from bamboo surface - environmentally friendly: Rayon from bamboo fabric is one of the most ecological products in the world today. Rayon from bamboo requires little or no pesticides and less water irrigation to grow. Rayon from bamboo is 100% bio-degradable; the fibers used to make Rayon from bamboo fabric need not be sprayed with chemical additives of any sort. The original characteristics of natural anti-bacterial, anti-ultraviolet of Rayon from bamboo fiber can be kept after repeated washing. Reduces carbon dioxide buildup: According to the environmental Rayon from bamboo foundation (ebf), Rayon from bamboo's growth habits allow it to produce more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees. This aspect holds significant implications for the reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide - the greenhouse gas and a major environmental issue today. Reduces tropical timber depletion: Harvesting of Rayon from bamboo is frequent since it reaches maturity within 3-4 years, and new shoots appear regularly and in great numbers. Replenishment and regrowth are quite fast and efficient in comparison to tropical timber trees. Also, Rayon from bamboo produces more cellulosic material per acre than southern pine wood. Rayon from bamboo is a more sustainable resource than tropical timber trees. Rayon from bamboo living sheet set made from ultra-fine weave double brushed microfiber with Rayon from bamboo yarns for an extra-soft feel. Rayon from bamboo Living 2000 120 gsm double brushed microfiber Rayon from bamboo fabric is softer and more durable than most cotton and features a breathable weave.


  • L'ensemble comprend 1 drap plat, 1 drap-housse et 2 taies d'oreiller
  • Ensemble de draps de salon en rayonne de bambou en microfibre à double tissage ultra-fine avec rayonne de fils de bambou pour une sensation extra-douce
  • La rayonne de microfibre de 120 GSM balayée par double du tissu de bambou est plus douce et plus durable que la plupart du coton et comporte un tissage respirable
  • Poche profonde: convient à tous les matelas jusqu'à 15" de profondeur, super doux, sans plis

Détails du produit

  • Matériau: Rayonne
  • Pièces incluses (Double Taille): 1 drap plat, 1 drap housse et 2 taies d'oreiller
  • Usage du fer à repasser sans risque: Oui
  • Méthode de lavage: Lavable en machine

Bamboo Living 2000 Ensemble de draps en rayonne 4 pièces et Commentaires 71531377

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